KibuCMS is almost ready for primetime!

In the meantime, here is some general info about KibuCMS:

What is KibuCMS?

KibuCMS is a modular content management system designed and developed to be as easy to use a possible. The 'core functionality' includes 'Registration' (creating a 'user account') and 'Authentication' (logging in using your registration credentials) and 'Publishing' - the ability for site admins to create, edit, move, add content to, and hide pages on the site. There's a lot more to it than that, but that's a general over-view.

What does KibuCMS mean?

KibuCMS simply means "Kibu Content Management System", but "Kibu" itself is the romanized (romaji) word analagous to the Japanese Kanji meaning "foundation" or "base", as in that of a building. In fact, those Kanji are visible at the top of this site!  KibuCMS is literally the foundation on which you build your website. 

What do you mean by "modular"?

KibuCMS is able to extend its core functionality through specialized programming which is compartmentalized and packaged as an "add-on". This is known by many words, such as 'widget' or 'plug-in', but in essence they are all modules added to a program to enhance functionality. In the case of KibuCMS, popular modules might be a 'Contact Us' form, a 'Slideshow', 'Comments' form, or a 'Content Roundup', which can serve as a way to publish a blog.

Alright, enough already, how do I get it?

KibuCMS is still in preview release, we're polishing all the rough edges and painting the trim (there are still a few pieces of code to write in order to have a fully-functional CMS). In the meantime, if you are interested in following progress or helping out, the project has an open repository at

This site built on KibuCMS.